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Need a second opinion? Our blog explores common causes of pain symptoms after surgery, including nerve entrapment leading to head and neck discomfort, groin pain after a hernia or C-section, and other chronic pain conditions. Browse or search our blog posts today for help.

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  • Psychological Effects of Chronic Pain Beyond the physical effects of chronic pain, you might also find yourself experiencing psychological symptoms as well. It’s not talked about often, but issues like depression, insomnia, and anxiety are sometimes connected to a situation wherein long-lasting pain is present. This is completely normal and can happen to any of us. If you are frustrated with the effects neurogenic pain is having on you, you might be able to find relief if Dr. Williams can determine and treat the underlying source of your chronic pain.
  • Get Your Free Whitepaper Today! To help you better understand nerve pain following knee surgery, Dr. Eric H. Williams has authored a whitepaper on the subject, and is pleased to offer it to you at absolutely no cost. If you had surgery six months ago (or longer) and are having chronic, neuropathic pain, something is clearly wrong and needs to be addressed. Dr. Williams would love the opportunity to help you find relief from the pain, so don’t hesitate to contact his Baltimore office and request a consultation if you’re in this frustrating situation.
  • Posterior Head and Neck Pain Not all causes of head and neck pain are neurologic in nature. For ones that are, Dr. Eric H. Williams in Baltimore might have the solution to the problem.
  • Diagnosing and Treating Meralgia Paresthetica Having previously discussed symptoms and causes, Dr. Williams discusses how meralgia paresthetica is diagnosed and treated.
  • Recognizing Meralgia Paresthetica Burning, tingling, and numbness in the outer thigh is not something to be ignored! These are signs of meralgia paresthetica and Dr. Williams might be able to help.
  • Why a C-section or Tummy Tuck Causes Nerve Pain Dr. Eric H. Williams discusses the reasons why you might have nerve pain following a C-section or tummy tuck.
  • Knee Denervation Are you having pain months after a “successful” knee replacement procedure? You may need knee denervation, says Dr. Eric H. Williams.
  • Persistent Knee Pain After Injury (or Arthroscopy) Dr. Eric H. Williams discusses why you may have persistent knee pain after injury or arthroscopy, and how treating affected nerves can possibly help.
  • Proximal Tibial Nerve Compression Proximal tibial nerve compression is an area championed by Dr. Eric H. Williams. Learn about this condition and how Dr. Williams may be able to help.
  • How to Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Dr. Williams treats patients who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms, but here are some ways how to prevent the condition from developing.